Casablanca receives a new Psycho-social medical center

The Morocco King, HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated a medico-psycho-social center in the Moulay Rachid district in Casablanca, assigned to cater to the psycho-social care needs of people who have psychological disorders. The new medical center outlaid an overall investment of MAD7 million to be accomplished and built on a plot of 1,429 m². It is the first center of its kind in Morocco, which will take care of the mentally ill patients needing additional treatment.

The project is part of the local socio-medical program for the Casablanca-Settat region (2016-2020), initiated by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity. The center was launched by the Sovereign on June 18, 2016, as a response to the deficit observed in the area of medical infrastructures dedicated to the psycho-social care of psychologically unstable persons.

The opening of the new center will enable the treatment of mental illnesses by way of the developing the relational and patient learning abilities, empowerment, and sense of responsibility, sense of well-being and self-esteem of the patients.

The project will affect the efficiency of the medical services in the city of Casablanca. It is an advantage for the people who needs medical attention, especially for psychological needs. The project also reflects the commitment of the Moroccan government to support its community. The well-being of the health status of the people in every nation reflects how efficient the officials in the government and institutions in the field of healthcare. The center will help the families with members who are suffering a mental condition but can be prevented from worsening. The center is comprehensive and is equipped with facilities which will contribute to improving the patients’ life condition.

This center also aims to support the national medical sector, by strengthening the existing medical supply, to improve the access to health care for the unprivileged populations, and to integrate a complementary social approach in the mechanisms of aiding patients and beneficiaries.

The facility has a medical center with consulting rooms in general medicine, psychiatry and psychology, a community center offering spaces for professional activity, physical education and training rooms, as well as a receiving unit.

The project was built as the result of a partnership between the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the National Initiative for Human Development, the Ministry of Health, the Casablanca Prefectural Council, and the Casablanca-Settat Regional Council. The Ministry of Health will manage it in association with the Afak Mental Health Association. According to the president of the Afak Association for Mental Health, it is the first center of its kind in Morocco that will take care of stabilized mental patients needing further treatment. This structure is in addition to the different new medical-social structures launched in recently by the Sovereign and which are part of the particular healthcare program managed by the Foundation in recent years according to the Communication and Institutional Development Division within the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.