Finding Intimate Wear Market on Instagram Is Easier Now

Market of intimate wear has occupied a major share in the clothing market. This market is spreading widely as the demand of these clothing has increased. It is one of the women necessity and is used widely than it was before, as the standard of life is changing and improving. With the increasing awareness about improved standard of living, has caused the demand of this market to increase. Like all other categories of clothing, there is special marketing for such clothes, however, unlike them it can’t target a large and multiple segments.

They have a targeted segment which are targeted for their marketing. Their main targeted segment in women, from the age of 16 to 45. From the age of 16 till 24, women are impulse buyers and shop for such pieces of clothes. There are multiple ways of marketing for this department. Ladies magazines are one of the major ways of marketing them. With the increasing use of technology and internet, digital marketing has become a norm since marketers buy Instagram followers Cheap online. Marketers use digital marketing on a wide scale.

Users of social media applications has increased widely over the time. Markets for lingerie is wide spread globally, demanded in several parts for example India, Japan, China, Brazil, U.K, USA, UAE and South Africa.

This provides the employees of marketing department a wide social platform for increasing and spreading their business. Social media applications are now widely used for promotion of clothing and its use for this purpose is increasing simultaneously with the internet. Promotion on social media is also increasing as it offers a large amount of audience to target. This method of promotion and marketing is widely used, not just due to the fact that it offers a large audience but also because it is highly feasible and user- friendly. It saves time and is recently proving to be more effective mean of promotion than the traditional methods. Instagram is one of the widely used social media application. Instagram is used for sharing pictures and videos, publically and privately. However people use it for online shopping and fashion ideas. Since 2016 the users of Instagram has increased from 600 million per month till 800 million. Most users of Instagram are aged from 16 to 25. This gives marketers of intimate wear a separate heads-up as it is almost half of their segment.

This search is mostly conducted by ladies, again from the same age group. Instagram offers an automatically targeted segment. Recently women have started using this mean to shop as some of them find it more comfortable and less awkward to shop at home rather than going out. They are offered a wide variety, from which they can easily chose. Instagram is suitable market for lingerie for both the sellers and the buyers.