instagram marketing


As 2017 draws to end, we need to know about internet marketing nowadays. The next question is “why do we need internet marketing?”. Internet marketing helps brands to reach their potential customers easier because more than 50% people who watch ads on TV will do research on the internet before they decide to make a purchase online or directly in the store. Through internet marketing, the brand also can get brand-recall easier by remarketing and targeting; they show their products through ads to their potential customers who once visited their sites or downloaded their mobile applications. Internet marketing not only offers lower cost than traditional marketing, but also provides a measurement tool on dashboards. It helps the brand to count their ROI (Return of Investment) easily.

When we talk about internet marketing, obviously we refer to the strategy of generating the right audience at the right moment on the right placement, because there are many placements or channels for brands to promote their products depend on their online campaign objectives. However, it is not easy to choose which placements are suitable for their prospective customers. Their goals are not only to grab the attentions of prospective customers, but also to turn  them into loyal customers.

These are the trending and popular placements and channels this year:

  • Social Media Marketing

Based on research from Smart Insight on 2017, Facebook is the most popular social networks worldwide, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. As social network platforms, they help brands to build strong relationships, trust and brand loyalty to their customers.  They have programmatic systems that help brands to reach the right audience based on demographic targeting, interest intends, location options, etc. Facebook just launched their new targeting option that can show ads to people who are likely to click the ad’s link and guide them to the landing page. It helps the brand to let people know about their products in a comprehensive way. Besides, endorsements on social media are rapidly growing. The brands usually hire influencers to promote their product as a soft selling strategy.

  • Search Marketing

As I mentioned before, nowadays people try to find reviews, check the product’s specification and the price from the internet before they make a purchase. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization technique is particularly important for the brand to increase the traffic to their site. As a paid traffic booster, Google AdWords is the most popular paid search platform.

  • Display Advertising

Using an interesting banner for digital advertising is the main method in 2017. It can be static or animated images. As traffic from mobile is more dominant, mobile banners has a tendency to distract users from their online activities. Therefore, using an animated banner is the more effective way in communicating with users. Not only animated banner, a responsive banner such as Light Box Ads from Google AdWords or Canvas Ads from Facebook. is common in 2017. By simply move your mouse and tilt pan on the banner, it can increase engagement to the ad.

  • Video Advertising

Nowadays, social media drives people to watch video through their smartphone. For example, Instagram launched Instagram Story, Facebook and Instagram launched Video Live feature, and Snapchat used augmented reality features, which now is followed by Instagram. Their enthusiasms for mobile video can be an opportunity for the brand to promote their products. Not only by converted their TVC (Television Commerce) became a short branded video content, but also they can interact with their potential customers using 360 video that allows users to pan around inside a video player to have a bit more control over what they see while watching a video. In 2017, Virtual Reality make a headline. Based on AOL research, 68% of users have watched a Virtual Reality video at least once.

  • YouTube

Being aware of potential video advertising, YouTube as the second largest search engine platform has many placements for video advertising, such as Masthead Video, Bumper Ads, True-View (Skippable Ads), and Unskippable Video Ads. Advertisers can reserve Masthead and Unskippable Video Ads by fixed price.

  • Native Advertising

For advertisers who want drive higher brand lift and engagement, they can use native ads. Native ads are naturally designed similar with other contents surrounds them, in order to appear unobtrusive. For example, they show in the newsfeed and sponsored content of news sites. In 2017, native ads are expected to increase its revenue because it performs well by a high audience engagement on mobile.

  • E-Commerce and Marketplace

Today, many brands adopt e-commerce technology to grow their business because e-commerce helps them to save cost and time. For small-scale enterprises, they can utilize marketplaces to open more opportunities in order to increase their sales.

  • Mobile Marketing

Great mobile marketing campaigns create their own engagement ecosystem through apps and sites. Nowadays, the brand with multiple products developed their own mobile apps. Many businesses using mobile marketing to grow their business. Their main goals are not only for selling products, but also to grab downloader of their apps, increase traffic to their site, and build strong and nuanced engagement with audiences. Today many on-demand apps exist on global business. Uber, Grab, and GoJek in Indonesia, for instance, provide online transportation services by motorcycle, taxi or car. On the other field, like medical services, Hello Doctor gives users instant access to doctors, through mobile phone. In food and beverage services, Berry Kitchen provides online catering, and many more. Those companies make money by taking a transaction fee by their freelancers through the platforms. In other words, campaigns that demonstrate social impact are more likely to be winners. Those on-demand service start-ups apps will empower workers to have more flexible time. More companies will look to innovate things like this in 2017.

From print ads to digital ads era, internet marketing has grown to influence consumers to make purchase things online more efficiently even buy instagram likes. The use of internet marketing as a learning machine that provides big data management helps marketers to hit loyal customers. With marketing tools, even small enterprises can grow their business rapidly to the next level in 2017.